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Benefits of Green Construction

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Veering away from the previous trend of building excessive McMansions, many builders are choosing to go with more modern designs made of sustainable materials when building a home or office. This has led to a revival of modernism as architects take advantage …

Impress the Foreman on Your First Day

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Working in construction means that over the course of your career, you’re likely to work for quite a few different foremen as you finish and move on from various construction jobs. If you’re just starting out, moving from job to …

New Proposed OSHA Clarification for Keeping Records of Incidents: What it Means for Employers

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Keeping accurate records of recordable injuries or illnesses that occur in the workplace or out on a jobsite is not only the law, but also it serves a valuable purpose for all in the construction industry. The information that is …

How Often Will You Receive OSHA Training Once You’re Hired?

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Answer: At Least Annually Every employer knows that before workers get on the job, they need to have a full understanding of all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) required training. OSHA training ensures productivity while maintaining safety standards, and …

How Heat Illness Affects Your Construction Employees and How to Help Keep them Safe from the July Heat

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In honor of OSHA’s nationwide Heat Illness Awareness Campaign, we’ve decided to compile information to help you keep your employees safe from the summer heat. Anyone who is exposed to hot and humid conditions is susceptible to falling ill from …


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