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Benefits of Green Construction

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Veering away from the previous trend of building excessive McMansions, many builders are choosing to go with more modern designs made of sustainable materials when building a home or office. This has led to a revival of modernism as architects take advantage of the design’s simplicity and its ability to be adapted to environmentally friendly homes.

If you haven’t started thinking about building green, it’s about time you start!

Clearing Misconceptions about Green Construction

A common misconception about green construction is that it can be expensive. The upfront costs to build a green home can be slightly more expensive, but not always. Some green materials and products can be more expensive, but in many cases, greener buildings can be built at almost the same costs as a conventional building.

If you’re a home builder, however, a green construction home will provide additional long-term savings to its owners more substantially than a conventional home will. With an emphasis on lessening their impact on the environment, the use of green construction continues to increase in popularity as more people become aware of its benefits.

Better for the Environment

Keeping with the goal of being environmentally friendly, green buildings are designed to:

  • Preserve natural resources, including fossil fuels and other non-sustainable resources
  • Reduce the waste of water through more efficient plumbing fixtures and irrigation systems
  • Use sustainable and reclaimed materials, such as concrete, glass, steel
  • Reduce the home’s energy usage and carbon footprint thus improving air and water quality
  • Avoid disrupting the surrounding natural environment and wildlife habitat
  • Decrease the amount of materials that are sent to landfills and encourage recycling

Good for the Economy

Green construction is good for building the economy as:

  • Materials are more durable and need to be replaced less often and require less overall maintenance
  • Homeowners and property owners reap the benefits of reduced utility bills and higher home resale prices
  • New markets are created for green products and services
  • Homeowners made be eligible for tax rebates and other incentives from their state and local governments

Advantages of Selling a Green Home or Building

When it comes time to sell a green home, homeowners will benefit from higher resale values. According to a 2011 Earth Advantage Study, green-certified new homes sold for an average of 30 percent more than conventional homes. Green homes that were LEED-certified are resold for even higher prices.

When You Need Skilled Labor for Your Green Construction Project, Choose Skillforce

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