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New Employee or Staffing Agency? How to Choose the Safest Option for Skilled Trade Labor

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When you’ve got a construction project to finish but realize you’re short staffed, what route do you take? Do you hire a new skilled laborer, or outsource the process to a construction staffing company? The decision isn’t easy, and could make or break your company.

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Hiring Risks

The whole process of hiring is dreadful for both the Human Resource department and the job candidate. Besides the fear of hiring incompetence and losing resources, the entire process can be lengthy and might not be worth the effort. While hiring might end once a candidate is chosen, the cost of bad selection will spill out to the firm’s productivity. Bad hiring can have adverse effects on the firm’s overall output, often leading to a drop in the employer’s returns.

The million dollar question, “Should I hire a new employee or hire a staffing agency?” leaves confusion on which option is the safest. Thankfully, today’s whole process of hiring has been eased by the availability of many staff hiring agencies. These firms have successfully withstood various challenges including the emergence of job boards and social networking to remain the primary option.

In-House Hiring: Benefits

If you’ve got a position you know you will need filled for an indefinite period of time, it might be more cost effective to hire a new employee. In-house hiring can be ideal when a firm knows well whom they would wish to engage and have the necessary qualities at hand.

With in-house hires, you control the salary and can build long relationships with employees. If your company has a human resources department that is willing and able to undergo the hiring process, hiring a new employee would be beneficial for extremely long-term hires.

Construction Staffing Agencies: Benefits

Traditionally, leveraging employees via staffing agencies was popular with big firms, although today, any size company uses their services. The benefits are typically numerous compared to in-house hiring in the construction industry because demand ebbs and flows regularly.

Since recruitment is their specialty, staffing agencies know the market pretty well. They know the best talent pool and have access to various skilled laborers. They know how to weigh and ascertain if a particular tradesman fully fits in the position. When they hire a new employee, they ensure that they pick out the best not because they qualify but for the sake of the client’s confidence in them. Besides having unlimited knowledge in the market, they are aware of the trends and are typically the safest bet.

Using these firms substantially cuts down the costs of direct hiring and in turn increases productivity as the lengthy stages that the employer would need to subject the candidates are what the agency does. Being experienced and with qualified recruiters, hire a new employee with them to eliminate the possibility of incurring sourcing expenses, screening charges, interviewing costs and pre-employment costs. Did you know that up to 84% of employees hired by these agencies exceed the employer’s expectations within a year at work?

Time is an expensive but limited resource. No firm wants to waste time interviewing hundreds of not-quite-right candidates. To hire a construction staffing agency is not only time saving but cuts the possibility of getting unqualified staff. It’s better, perhaps, to gain the best employees available with recruitment agencies than alone.

No one would prefer going through thousands of resumes and cover letters while recruitment firms are available. It can be boring, time-consuming and subject to bias, leading to choosing underwhelming employees—which is typically the ingredient to shoddy work.

Choose Skillforce for Your Construction Staffing Needs

Skillforce employees are full-time employees with W-2s, benefits packages, and a 401K. Your bill rate covers payroll, payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, and worker’s compensation. This is crucial for business owners in the Maryland and Texas Phenq construction industries, where there is little to no control over the loss of a project or job. With Skillforce, you don’t have to worry about those supplemental claims and will still get top-quality work.

Becoming a Skillforce client allows you to react quickly to changes in your construction staffing needs in order to keep your projects running on schedule, while mitigating the costs and risks that come with hiring permanent new personnel.

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