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Skillforce offers you an unprecedented customer satisfaction guarantee in the form of our Skillforce Test Drive®, a 16-hour trial period where you can evaluate any field employee we send you and request a replacement at no charge.

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It’s common in the construction labor staffing industry to have a “one size fits all” approach to sending workers to a job site, and this mentality can cause you unexpected delays and expenses. Too often have we seen clients at the mercy of their construction staffing agency—whoever they send you’re stuck with, because replacing workers is tough. Replacing workers means halting that individual task, which throws a wrench in the whole system of gears that powers your project.

We get it. And that’s why we offer our industry-leading 16-hour guarantee that the worker we send is a worker you’ll want on your project. During that 16 hours you can evaluate whoever we send you and if our employee isn’t up to your standards, we will replace them free of charge. It’s as simple as that.

Why Skillforce Offers the Test Drive®

Replacing workers costs you money and costs us our reputation. When you succeed, we succeed, so it’s in our best interest to provide you with the best talent we can find. We are so confident in our services that we give you 16 hours to decide if who we send is right for you.

You’re not only our client, you’re our partner. Our hands-on approach not only ensures that we give the the best quality customer service, but also that we attract the best talent. We guarantee that every Skillforce employee will meet or exceed your expectations or we will replace them.

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Skillforce Testimonials

Skillforce is the best in the construction staffing industry, but don’t take our word for it. Read on below to hear what some of our clients are saying about us:

Danny Milligan – O’Connor Construction Group, LLC

“We called Skillforce needing help and they sent us someone the next day, and we could not be happier. The process was simple and easy and they have been very flexible going forward also. Our future growth definitely includes plans for Skillforce labor solutions instead of hiring employees. All in all, a pleasure to do business with!”

Ryan Maharaj, Project Superintendent – Kjellstrom & Lee

“For the past few months I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of your employees and in my twelve years in construction I have never run across a company who has staffed employees like yours. Your employees conduct themselves in a professional manner, are well spoken, take pride in their work, and always seem to have motivation. This type of vibrancy and craftsmanship is what our industry needs.”

Chip Horn, Vice President – Rommel Cranston Construction LLC

“I can trust what they send me is going to be a quality tradesman. I can trust that when I pick up the phone they’re going to answer the phone and I’m going to have a good, quality tradesman at my disposal the next morning to get the job done.”

Matt Bolyard, Project Manager – Southway Builders

“Their involvement was instrumental to our success on the project…they really take the time to partner with their clients and address their specific need for a specific job…what sets Skillforce apart is that they go through a rigorous process of screening their candidates…they are our go-to guys when we need skilled labor on any project.”

Mike Henderson, President – ABC Baltimore

“They’re committed to this industry. Skillforce has a peerless reputation in this marketplace. They are more of a partner in many ways. This is a company that stands behind what they sell and they’re great at it.”

Fred Griffith V.P. CC BW W&W Electric Co.

“I would like to express our satisfaction with Skillforce. We have received prompt and courteous service from your office and competent skilled men in the field at what seems to me to be on a moment’s notice. We look forward to continuing to work with you in the coming year.”

Victoria Dols – M.R. Electricians, Inc.

“We enjoy working with Skillforce. Mark & Ryan are always helpful. They can find us the helpers, technicians and mechanics we need, even when I give them only hours of notice. They both respond to all of my emails and phone calls promptly. The technicians have been exactly what I need to complete our jobs. If they are not, we quickly team up to get a replacement. Typically Mark asks enough questions to find us the appropriate fit…They have made it easier for us to get the additional labor we need, when we need it, which helps us have happy customers!”

William Hamilton – M. Cohen and Sons

“We are a manufacturing / Installation company specializing in high end Iron work. We started a project in Washington DC. during the month of February 2014. In need of assistance and manpower we reached out to Skillforce. I met Mark Wood onsite and explained our needs. Mark then put a crew together, these men stayed with us till December 2014. Some of the men took leadership roles which we appreciated. We found the men to be dependable-hardworking-honest and really easy to get along with. I have used many services in my 40 year career and am extremely satisfied not only with the men in the field but the technical support from the Skillforce Management Team. Thank you ”

Gabriel Smith – W.H. Stovall Co., Inc.

“Our company, W.H. Stovall Co., Inc. has been using Skillforce since November 2010. We have been so pleased with the guarantee of skilled and dependable workers. Your rates are fair and competitive. We can always depend on you sending reliable workers even on short notice. Your professional staff members are always pleasant and helpful…Stovall is very pleased to do business with Skillforce and we gladly recommend your company to other businesses.”