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Top 10 Safety Tips Every Tradesman on a Construction Job Should Know

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As a construction worker, getting a job done—and getting it done right—is often considered your number one priority. But completion of a project, while of huge importance, should always come second to proper safety procedures. Keep reading for the top ten safety tips you ALWAYS need to know.

We know, beating the safety drum is eyeroll-worthy. But being realistic, a severe injury can be at least a week of no work, and at worst fatal. For this reason we consider safety the absolute number one priority for a construction worker. To address this, we’ve compiled a list of what we feel are the essential safety tips while on the job.

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Ergonomics Safety

  1. Choose the right tool for the job. Tools were created to make our lives easier, and technology has risen to that challenge admirably. You may think a power tool is taking the “easy way,” but tell yourself that ten years from now when you’ve got chronic wrist pains.
  2. Keep to neutral positions. For your hands, wrists, and arms, keeping a neutral pose is essential to avoid swelling, cramping and consistent pain. Avoid staying in awkward poses for too long, and if you can, avoid them altogether.
  3. Sit when possible. If your work area allows you to sit safely and take a brief rest, take advantage of it. Knee and back strain are real threats on longer projects, which can lead to bigger injuries in the future.

Construction Operation and Movement Safety

  1. Nail the dismount. Getting onto and off of equipment is the number one cause of injury for a construction worker. Make sure your footing is good, there are no obstructions, and you aren’t exceeding occupancy before getting into a machine. If you need help mounting something properly, take the help. Being stubborn can cost you loads in money and pride.
  2. Balance your belt. Be sure your tools are distributed in a way that doesn’t swing your weight awkwardly. This can save you from a nasty fall, and helps with back pains.
  3. Keep your area crowd-free. During heavy operation, make sure your work area isn’t over-congested. Too many cooks spoil the pot, and too many construction workers spells disaster in a construction emergency.
  4. Pay attention to footing and level ground. Pay attention to your surroundings. If the ground you are working on is not level, make it level. And this goes double for machine operators. That back hoe is hardy, sure, but it’ll roll just as readily as an egg if you give it the opportunity.

Procedure and Observance Safety

  1. While on the job, use your words. If you’re moving dangerous materials or chemicals, be sure everyone in your area knows it.
  2. Keep an eye on what’s happening around you. You may communicate well, but a newer worker may be a little less liberal with their communication, and you need to be ready if something goes wrong.
  3. Contact your foremanIf dangerous activities are going on in your work clomid precio area, don’t confront your peers. That’s what a foreman is for.   

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