Celebrating Skillforce’s Diverse April 2024 Employees of the Month

April 18, 2024
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This April, we celebrate the remarkable individuals who propel Skillforce forward. Our Employees of the Month showcase the diversity and breadth of talent within our team, representing a wide range of trades, experience levels, ages, and seniority. Join us in honoring and applauding the efforts of these exceptional individuals.

Stanley – Louisville, KY

Stanley is in a supervisory role in Louisville where he consistently receives praise for his exceptional leadership. He has played an instrumental role in expanding Skillforce’s presence on his current jobsite. Stanley is on pace to be a full-time hire by a major general contractor, a testament to his invaluable contributions in his work. Thank you for your dedication and we wish you the best in your future endeavors, Stanley!

Jamar – Richmond, VA

Jamar specializes in trim and performing punchout work for a valued client in Richmond. He is consistently commended by the client for his exceptional timeliness and attention to detail. Thank you, Jamar, for your dedication and professionalism while representing the Skillforce team.

Charles – Charlotte, NC

Charles is a dedicated journeyman electrician who has an extensive 21 years of experience, with nearly a year as a leader on our team. He is not only a lead figure but also a mentor to our electrical helpers and apprentices. His passion for the trade reflects in his exceptional work ethic and commitment to excellence. We are grateful for Charles and his outstanding contributions and look forward to his continued success with Skillforce.

Xander – Nashville, TN

Our Nashville Employee of the Month, Xander, is commended for his unwavering punctuality, reliability, and willingness to put in extra hours. Clients praise him for taking initiative on job sites and always offering to lend a helping hand. Xander’s dedication has amplified our local reputation. Here’s to Xander’s five months of outstanding service and the promise of more to come!

James – Baltimore, MD

James is a dedicated journeyman Electrician who consistently goes above and beyond at Skillforce. He is known for making himself available to put in extra hours and showcasing unparalleled expertise, while always bringing a positive attitude with him to the job site. We are proud to have James on our Skillforce team.

Kenia – Northern Virginia

Kenia is a valued member of Skillforce NOVA with over 2,000 hours of dedicated service. Kenia’s exemplary work ethic and commitment to going above and beyond have not gone unnoticed by our clients, who consistently praise her as a hard worker who exceeds expectations. Their continued requests for her presence on future projects speak volumes about her outstanding performance and dedication!

Each of these exceptional individuals represents the best of what Skillforce has to offer. We’d like to thank them for their unwavering leadership and commitment to excellence that shines through at every project they are a part of.

Congratulations to Stanley, Jamar, Charles, Xander, James, and Kenia!