Recognizing Excellence: Skillforce’s May Employees of the Month

May 20, 2024
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At Skillforce, we pride ourselves on having a team of dedicated, reliable, and proficient professionals who continually exceed expectations. This month, we are excited to spotlight the exceptional achievements of our May Employees of the Month.

Tyler – Baltimore, MD

Baltimore proudly recognizes Tyler, a seasoned journeyman electrician, as our Employee of the Month. In just four months with Skillforce Baltimore, Tyler has received praise on every project for his impeccable attendance and exemplary workmanship. Tyler exemplifies the talent and dedication of our team members. Here’s to Tyler’s continued success with Skillforce!

Tony – Richmond, VA

Despite being a recent addition to our Richmond team, Tony’s passion for the trade is evident in his exceptional work ethic. His recent accolade as the Safe Person of the Week on one of Richmond’s largest projects demonstrates his commitment to safety and excellence. We extend our gratitude to Tony for his outstanding contributions and look forward to his continued success with Skillforce.

Adam – Nashville, TN

We celebrate Adam, our well-deserved Nashville Employee of the Month, for being a true leader within his crew. Consistently setting the standard by leading through example, Adam emphasizes the importance of construction safety and executes every task with precision and care. His accountability and dedication make him an exceptional asset to our team.

John – Charlotte, NC

John’s expertise spans from carpentry to project management, electrical, and plumbing, earning him the nickname “Swiss Army Knife” among his colleagues. Seamlessly transitioning into a leadership role in less than a year at Skillforce, John’s versatile skill set and unwavering dedication make us proud to have him on our team. Thank you, John, for your outstanding contributions, and we look forward to witnessing your continued success.

Ross (declined to having photo taken) – Louisville, KY

Ross is known for his exceptional performance on the job site. With an exemplary work ethic, Ross consistently arrives early and stays late, executing tasks with precision and efficiency. His proficiency and dedication earn him overwhelming praise from colleagues, making him a valued member of our team.

Our team members uphold the highest standards of excellence that define Skillforce. We extend our sincere gratitude to these exceptional individuals for their continuous dedication to excellence, driving us forward toward success.

Congratulations to Tyler, Tony, Adam, John, and Ross! Your commitment to Skillforce’s core values plays a pivotal role in our collective success.