March Marvels: March 2024 Employees of the Month

March 22, 2024
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This March, we’re highlighting some standout employees who exemplify dedication, expertise, and the core values that drive our success. Let’s applaud the exceptional efforts of our Employees of the Month across our main branches, whose contributions make Skillforce a leader in construction staffing.

Michael of Louisville, KY

Michael has significantly enhanced Skillforce Louisville’s reputation through his dedication and exceptional service, proving invaluable to our esteemed clients and our team.

Louis III of Richmond, VA

With an impressive 11,000+ hours of service, Louis’s commitment to safety and reliability showcases the unwavering dedication we value at Skillforce Richmond.

Rebecca of Charlotte, NC

In less than a year, Rebecca has risen to a leadership role within Skillforce, leveraging her 33 years of HVAC experience to mentor the next generation. Rebecca, your leadership and passion are a beacon for us all.

Marquis of Nashville, TN

A decade of commercial construction expertise makes Marquis a key asset to our Nashville team. His dedication and versatility are commendable.

Alan of Baltimore, MD

Alan’s positive attitude and work ethic as a Journeyman Electrician have consistently exceeded expectations, making him a vital part of Skillforce Baltimore.

Max of Northern Virginia

Max’s leadership and outstanding achievements have earned him high praise from clients, making him a standout member of our team in just over a year.

These individuals represent the pinnacle of what Skillforce stands for: professionalism, leadership, and a steadfast commitment to excellence in the construction industry. Their stories of dedication and achievement inspire us all and reinforce Skillforce’s commitment to quality and excellence in staffing solutions.

Congratulations to Michael, Louis, Rebecca, Marquis, Alan, and Max! Your hard work, passion, and dedication exemplify the best of Skillforce, making us more than just a staffing firm—we’re a family of construction professionals committed to building a legacy of excellence.